Workplace Restoration

What is workplace restoration?

The goal of the process is to re-establish positive working relationships so that members of an organization can move on after a stressful event. A workplace restoration process supports employees during a time of change or uncertainty. When employees feel supported, their loyalty to an organization and their commitment to one another is enhanced.

Other benefits include the fostering of mutual trust, improvements in morale, and smoother day-to-day interactions. People are able to let go of resentment and focus on their work, rather than spending energy on dysfunctional conflict.

A workplace restoration may involve the re-integration of a disciplined employee. When this is the case, our focus is on shared responsibility for positive change and support for long-term improvements.

How do I know if I need workplace restoration?

The process is appropriate after any significant disruption in workplace relations. Examples include prolonged conflict, an accusation of bullying or harassment, an investigation, employee terminations, and other organizational changes.

A workplace restoration process can be the first step of significant cultural redesign. It may involve only a few individuals, a division, or an entire organization.

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