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Bicknell Mediation: Specialists in workplace mediation, workplace restoration, harassment investigations, and executive coaching

Are you locked in a dispute that is causing stress, productivity losses – and even financial risk?

We can help. At Toronto-based Bicknell Mediation, our experienced workplace mediators and conflict resolution specialists are ready to help you resolve issues quickly so you can move ahead in business and life.

We can work with you in-person, virtually, or through a hybrid model.


Clear the air, uncover the real issues, and carve a path forward for business partners.

Harassment and Violence Investigation

Fulfill your legal obligations and keep your workplace free from discrimination, harassment, and violence.

Executive and Conflict

Facing a harassment complaint? Learn conflict mitigation strategies in the workplace to become a more effective leader.

Workplace Assessment:
a recommended first step

Receive an in-depth assessment of your current workplace situation to enable you to act with confidence. This revealing ‘barometer check’ will help us find the solution that fits your organization.

One of Canada’s leaders in workplace
mediation and dispute resolution

For nearly a decade, we’ve been trusted by leading organizations to bring conflict resolution and restoration to the workplace. Let us help your teams overcome conflict and achieve the best possible outcomes for everyone.

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What no one tells you about workplace investigations

What should you expect after the investigation? What is all-too often overlooked?

Jeanette shares her insights on how to successfully bring teams together after a workplace investigation.

Business executives

… who wish to better align their teams or strengthen their partnerships

Managers & HR leaders

… dealing with conflict, workplace harassment allegations, attrition, and/or disunity in the workplace


… looking for conflict assistance of any kind, at a special rate

We dig deep to understand the underlying causes of conflict. Then, we’ll take you through a collaborative, custom process to resolve the conflict and restore a healthier, happier work environment.

Look to our trusted experts to resolve your disputes faster, mitigate risk, and elevate your organization, teams, and partnerships to the next level of success.