HR leaders: Align your Culture Now

Reduce conflict, remove roadblocks and re-invigorate your teams.

Address Workplace Harassment

Respond to claims of sexual, gender-based and racial harassment in your organization.

Business Owners: End the Dispute

Resolve conflicts in your partnerhips and propel your business forward.

Less Conflict. More Success.

Dispute resolution and mediation services for HR leaders and business owners seeking the best results for their clients, teams and organizations.

Bicknell Mediation is a boutique mediation and conflict resolution consulting firm that helps individuals and organizations mitigate disputes and achieve best possible outcomes. We work with organizations of all sizes who wish to better align their teams and effectively deal with conflict, harassment, attrition and disunity in the workplace to drive their organization forward.

We dig deep to understand the underlying causes of conflict, then take you through an affordable, collaborative, two-step process to:

  • Resolve the conflict in the short term
  • Make you and your team better equipped to handle conflict in the long term.

Look to our trusted mediation and consulting services to resolve your disputes faster, mitigate risk and elevate your organization, teams and partnerships to the next level of success.

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