How We Work

Getting Started

We take the time to understand your needs, the results you seek, and what is important to you.

Design & Proposal

We propose interventions based on your unique situation. We might include a longer assessment where we interview a number of stakeholders. When appropriate, we suggest coaching, mediation for parties in conflict, or a larger group process.

Before we begin, you will understand what we’re going to do and how much it will cost. We work with project-based fees so there is never a “meter” running and never a surprise.


We work best with organizations willing to make the investment of time required for a lasting result.


We check back after the end of the intervention to make sure that the results we have achieved together endure.

Some Examples of our Work:

By bringing clarity and a cool head to each intervention, we have:

  • Helped prevent the break-up of a profitable business partnership through conflict coaching and ongoing support.
  • Restored a respectful workplace at a small industrial firm by helping them develop and implement a “Code of Conduct.”
  • Investigated sexual harassment and bullying allegations for a major Canadian university.
  • Coached a client to prepare her for a difficult negotiation about the family property.
  • Helped a creative-sector firm to resolve conflicts that had arisen in the course of a management transition.
  • Restored damaged working relationships by helping to resolve long-standing conflicts between two  company divisions.