From time to time, clients are kind enough to offer me brief testimonials to include on my website.

“I’ve never met anyone more suited to their job.” R. (Contract Dispute Client)

“Thanks, Jeanette, for helping my family resolve our challenging estate management issues. I especially appreciated your thoughtful, fair-minded support. Your calm, attentive and clear focus was just what we needed to keep the discussion on track and achieve a decision that everyone was happy with.”

“Our company was going through a difficult senior management transition.  Somehow, people who had worked together for years were unable to cope with the changes. This was resulting not only a lack of collaboration but downright hostility.  Working with Jeanette and Pam resulted in a real turnaround in attitude and behaviour with the entire management team.  I would highly recommend them.”
D.  (Business Owner)

“I found Jeanette to be professional in her approach and effective in directing the parties towards a meaningful and amicable settlement.  I would not hesitate to utilize her services in the future”
Melvin Rotman,  Employment Lawyer

“Please accept my appreciation for your invaluable role in a recent case. This case was particularly sensitive and you handled it with tact and professionalism.”
J. (Director, Diversity & Equity)

“Your calm understanding approach was essential to [the parties] being able to reach an agreement.”
Michael Goldrich, President, Goldview Property Management