People who have worked with me…

I wanted to hire an external professional to provide advice, training and professional coaching for both our leadership and middle management team. Someone who could help successfully steer “uncomfortable conversations”.

 I found Jeanette Bicknell online–and we hit it off right away. She was exactly what we needed and working with her has been amazing.

Jeanette worked individually with staff providing coaching and mentorship. She also effectively trained our managers. For me personally, I feel like I have a good partner I can rely on if there is a sticky situation – and she has also done excellent work with policy and process development for us too.

Two things set her apart: First, her deep knowledge, authenticity, and experience – she obvious she knows what she is talking about and takes an evidence-based approach. Jeanette uses proven tactics and applies proven research methodologies. Secondly, she is very calm. Whatever happens, you can rest easy knowing that she can handle it. She is a harbour in the midst of a storm.

Jeanette Bicknell is very flexible, fair and open to any conversations and changes when we need to pivot on work. I always feel like she has my back – and I totally trust her excellent advice.”

Christy Urban, Strategic Operations Director at Yellow Pencil

We engaged with Jeanette when we were struggling to find common ground between employees. We had reached a point where several employees didn’t enjoy working with each other and were approaching each others actions assuming the worst. Jeanette helped the team identify the concerns as well as provided suggestions on how they can both take ownership for their own actions as well as come together to find common ground. Her assistance has helped us move forward in a positive manner and was a crucial step in restoring our positive workplace culture.

J. – Human Resources Director

Jeanette’s style and process were super intuitive. Dealing with each individual on a 1-on-1 basis, prior to a collective group session helped progress through the conflict in a dynamic way, making each person comfortable at their own pace. The framework lends for examining much more than just the surface issues at hand, diving deeper into the ‘why’ so that we could empathize with each other; cultivating a strong buy-in for the eventual solutions proposed.

Her sessions were a great conduit to better communication and we now have a sustainable framework for dealing with disagreements going forward, in a much healthier and constructive way.

R. – Business Owner

I have known Jeanette for many years because of our shared involvement with the American Society for Aesthetics. Most notably, for the past three years, we have been very fortunate to benefit from her service as the ASA Ombudsperson. I am the current Secretary-Treasurer/Executive Director of the ASA. Whenever we have had a delicate and challenging issue involving complaints of harassment, discrimination, or unprofessional behavior, we have been confident that she would provide mature, scrupulously fair, and well-informed guidance to our Society. I am happy to give her my highest and most enthusiastic recommendation.

Julie – Executive Director, American Society for Aesthetics

“Jeanette and I were on a committee together. Its invaluable to work with someone who is so foundationally sound & dependable. Jeanette can look at a given situations through a very unique lens and with a crystal clear perspective. This alone is a valuable skillset, but what makes her even more special is her ability to communicate this perspective to the stakeholders. I recommend working with Jeanette Bicknell without reservation…. She is a true mediation professional.”

David – Financial Advisor

“She really knows her stuff. Jeanette was recommended to us from the City of Barrie to help us deal with a new board member who was being confrontational and antagonistic to others. She immediately understood the situation and helped us frame a calm conversation with him to put some parameters around acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. With her guidance, we helped him understand that we were interested in his ideas and contributions, but that his presentation was not always conducive to people listening. She really helped our board by providing valuable guidance on how to effectively deal with people who are in a highly emotional state.”

Denise Tucker – Chair, Downtown Barrie Business Association

“I’ve never met anyone more suited to their job.”

R. – Contract Dispute Client

“Thanks, Jeanette, for helping my family resolve our challenging estate management issues. I especially appreciated your thoughtful, fair-minded support. Your calm, attentive and clear focus was just what we needed to keep the discussion on track and achieve a decision that everyone was happy with.”


“Our company was going through a difficult senior management transition. Somehow, people who had worked together for years were unable to cope with the changes. This was resulting not only a lack of collaboration but downright hostility. Working with Jeanette and Pam resulted in a real turnaround in attitude and behaviour with the entire management team. I would highly recommend them.”

D. – Business Owner

“I found Jeanette to be professional in her approach and effective in directing the parties towards a meaningful and amicable settlement. I would not hesitate to utilize her services in the future”

Melvin Rotman – Employment Lawyer

“Please accept my appreciation for your invaluable role in a recent case. This case was particularly sensitive and you handled it with tact and professionalism.”

J. – Director, Diversity & Equity

“Your calm understanding approach was essential to [the parties] being able to reach an agreement.”

Michael Goldrich – President, Goldview Property Management