Executive and Conflict Coaching

Expert Guidance to Navigate an Accusation or Claim

It’s your worst nightmare come true. You have been accused by someone in your organization.

Harassment, unfairness, discrimination – whatever it is, this is a serious matter for yourself, your team, and your company as a whole.

Even if it’s a threat of complaint and not a formal accusation, you will have to take positive action right away to ensure crisis management and damage control.

Where do you turn?

At Bicknell Mediation, we help both middle managers and business leaders who have had complaints or accusations made against them.
  • Understand the process of any investigation you may face
  • Rebuild trust among staff and executives, and repair relationships at work
Who needs this service?

Any manager, business owner or leader who has:

  • been accused of an unfair act or transgression within the organization
  • had a complaint lodged against them
  • a management style that is causing friction in the workplace
  • a desire to lead teams with less conflict and greater confidence and charisma

Facing an accusation or a stressful scenario in your workplace? For the expert guidance you need …