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We bring clarity and a cool head to every intervention

At Bicknell Mediation, we specialize in managing conflict in organizations. We work with businesses, associations and not-for-profit groups of all levels in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond to help resolve disagreements when they get out of hand.

We also conduct investigations when there are claims of workplace harassment – and restore workplaces to order once the investigations are complete.

Business and HR leaders look to us to provide support, coaching, and strategic direction to resolve dysfunctional conflict and restore the workplace to a happy, high performance and engaged environment.

With our mediation focus, we’re experts in helping everyone in your organization feel they are treated with respect. Expect us to be totally unbiased, thorough, and to deliver reports that are actionable, clear, and easy to understand, without complex legal jargon.

Dr. Jeanette Bicknell, Founder and CEO

With her extensive training, business background, and calm demeanor, Jeanette Bicknell is a dispute resolution expert who helps businesses navigate through complex issues and make sound decisions.

Just over a decade ago, she launched her conflict resolution practice with a focus on helping clients create stronger, more functional organizations better able to focus on what matters most. To do this, she helps leaders deal proactively with conflict in order to restore and maintain an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect in the workplace.

Jeanette brings deep experience helping businesses, boards, and management teams work together effectively and make good decisions. She has seen first-hand the harm that is caused by conflict and incivility in the workplace and is passionate about helping to create workplaces without the distraction of dysfunctional personal conflict. Her goal, when working with teams and boards, is that members begin to have constructive disagreements.

Jeanette has worked with clients in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, the creative sector, and non-profits. Jeanette is also a licensed Private Investigator and a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario.

To find out more about her practice, watch this short video.

Dr. Jeanette Bicknell

Chartered Mediator
Workplace Investigator
Dispute Resolution Specialist

I have seen first-hand the harm caused by workplace conflict, bullying, sexism, racism, and incivility in the workplace. Dealing with these issues is at the minimum, a distraction, and at worst, can compromise an employee’s mental health, productivity, and stress. Unchecked disputes and bad workplace behaviour create a toxic environment where excellent employees may leave. Workplace conflicts costs companies focus, time, and money, to the tune of an estimated $16.1 billion a year to the Canadian economy.

Using my natural calm demeanor and even tone, I guide leaders to create stronger organizations whose members can focus on what matters in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect.

Jeanette Bicknell

Five Reasons to Trust Bicknell Mediation


We are experts in dealing with sensitive issues. You can expect complete discretion about all matters pertaining to your conflict and your workplace.


In this multicultural city, we bring extensive experience with respect to issues around diversity and equity in the work environment.


Clients come to us because of our high level of training – an ongoing requirement for everyone who works for us. Your organization will be working with a Chartered Mediator and qualified expert with certifications in workplace investigations.


When it comes to matters of conflict or harassment claims, the need for intervention is usually immediate. We are known for our fast, proactive response – and our ability to be there when you need us.


Look to us for a compassionate, clear, and unbiased perspective on a murky situation where emotions may be running high. We are especially good at bringing clarity and that voice of reason to volatile or complex situations.

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