Workplace Harassment Investigations

Deal responsively and appropriately with harassment claims in your workplace

An accusation of harassment of any kind – sexual, gender or ethnicity-based — is a very serious matter in the workplace. Are the allegations just? Are your employees safe? Will you be sued?

Only through sensitive and objective investigation conducted by a neutral and professional third party will you know for certain and understand the steps you need to take. With the skilled assistance of a professional investigator expressly trained in workplace harassment issues you’ll have peace of mind that you are on the right path to move forward and keep your organization and people calm, harmonious and secure.

Know your legal obligations

Did you know that in most instances where an employee claims they are a victim of harassment you will be required by law to conduct an investigation and produce an official incident report?

Look to our highly-trained workplace harassment consultants to help you get to the root of the problem and produce the documentation required for your organization to remain compliant.

We provide:

  • Unbiased interviews to inform decisions and outcomes in the case of workplace harassment claims
  • A professional incident report to meet your obligations
  • Guidance to address systematic problems through improved policies and procedures around workplace harassment

Repairing relationships – where an investigation is not required

Behaviour in the workplace can be hurtful and damaging to relationships even when it doesn’t rise to the level of a formal harassment complaint. A harmless joke to one person can be a hurtful and disrespectful act to another. This can impact morale, productivity and the well-being of your organization as a whole.

Our mediators will discover what happened and help the employees involved communicate and understand the impact that events have had on one another – in order to move on.

Heal personal wounds in the workplace.

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