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We offer workshops and training to suit every type of organization and every budget.
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Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills Training

When members of an organization share a common language for resolving disputes and have a basic level of skill in communication, the possibility of conflict is reduced. When conflicts do occur, they tend to be resolved more quickly,  without the need for outside interventions.

Whether your organization is manufacturing facility, an IT start-up, or a small creative firm, let us design an effective training program that meets your needs.

“Social Styles” Workshop

Is your team not working together as well as they could be?

This short workshop (90 minutes to 2 hrs) is a low-cost investment that will get results right away, resulting in improved communication and a better work environment. Participants come to recognize their differences  and learn a non-judgmental shared “language” for discussing them. The skills we present are easy to learn and can be implemented right away. And since they are equally relevant for managers as for employees, there is an added benefit of greater team cohesion.

We have found many workplace conflicts to be rooted in the fact that people have different behavioural styles. They have different preferences and expectations around working together, displays of emotion, information processing, and communication. Such differences in style are often mistaken for differences in “personality” or “culture fit.” In the workshop, each person gets an assessment of their own style. We discuss the differences between the styles and how stress effects behaviour in different ways. Participants learn how to read other people’s style quickly so that they can work effectively with all types of people. Participants also learn  how to adjust their behaviour so that others can work more effectively with them.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Honest, effective feedback is the backbone of any organization that wants employees to develop. Yet feedback is a major source of frustration for both employees and supervisors. Employees complain that the feedback they’re given is not relevant and rarely helps them grow in their role. Supervisors and team leads aren’t trained in how to providing effective feedback.

This short workshop (90 minutes to 2 hrs) is meant for anyone who must give or receive feedback. Learn how to accept negative feedback graciously and develop as a result. Learn how to give feedback without alienating others.

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