Workplace Conflict Resolution

Build Harmonious, High Performance Teams

Dealing with workplace conflict? Low productivity? High levels of employee turnover? We can help.

Conflict management is one of the most difficult and sensitive challenges for any HR or business leader. Sometimes, a skilled mediator outside your organization can make all the difference.

Look to our highly-trained consultants to help you effectively address the sources of conflict in your workplace, balancing input from employees so everyone is heard. Your managers and employees will achieve a resolution that not only keeps the peace, but also powerfully re-aligns your workforce and propels your organization forward.

Look to our workplace conflict consultants to help you:

  • Address dysfunctional behaviour – quickly with lasting results.
  • Foster a more receptive, collaborative culture, open to ideas
  • Build employee trust — and improve creative thinking and teamwork
  • Boost morale, engagement and productivity – while reducing employee turnover

Our services include:

  • Workplace Assessment and Remediation
  • Workplace Harassment Resolution & Reporting
  • Workplace Mediation – union and non-union environment
  • Team Restoration Processes and Relationship Partnering
  • Fact-finding and Employee Complaint Investigations
  • Conflict Interventions and Coaching
  • Employee Communications Best Practices

Bicknell Mediation consultants bring a wide range of proven processes to your doorstep to repair, restore and revitalize your workplace.

We determine the underlying causes of conflict and help you meet your legal obligations through a number of proven techniques, including:

  • Interviews, focus groups or survey tools
  • Assessment reports with clear explanations and actionable recommendations;
  • Tailor-made interventions including two or multi-party mediations, communication workshops, training and coaching for individuals and teams

Realize the full potential of your teams now and help your organization flourish.

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