Team Development

How do you turn a group of competent individuals into a great team? What qualities do top-performing teams share?

The answers may surprise you. According to a recent study* there is little relation between the collective intelligence of a group, and the intelligence of individual members of the group. Rather, a group’s creative problem-solving ability seems to be a function of the members’ social skills, and the extent to which groups were not dominated by a single individual. There was also a strong relation between the percentage of women in a group, and the group’s collective intelligence, likely due to the fact that women tend to score higher than men on tests of social sensitivity.

High performance teams have disagreements, but their disagreements focus on issues and problems, not on people or personality traits. High performance teams regard disagreement as a normal part of working together and don’t take it personally. And despite what you may have heard, great teams do not avoid conflict. They understand that disagreements and problems don’t just go away on their own but have to be confronted.

In a great team, all members have an opportunity to contribute, and members share constructive criticism. This means that if you want a team to work well together, they have to know how to listen to one another, how to share ideas respectfully, and how to manage potential conflict.

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*Source: Woolley, A.W., Chabris, C.F., Pentland, A., Hashmi, N. & Malone, T.M. 2010. Evidence for a collective intelligence factor in the performance of human groups. Science 330 pp. 686-688.