Reading and Discussion Group

I gained an appreciation for a very difficult topic. The understand of white supremacy, within a whole new context. The book really spoke to me about these issues – and my lack of understanding of these issues. Jeanette’s handling of the group was very helpful. The book would have much more difficult, had it not been so skillfully facilitated.

Jeanette is very smooth, her delivery is so caring and non-directed, so you don’t feel like you are expected to say certain things – rather you felt comfortable to say what’s on your mind. Jeanette makes it comfortable to explore difficult topics.

She made it very personable by being a participant, and not just being a leader. She shared her personal perspectives and some of the difficult situations she’s encountered  –  which made the group feel at ease. She offered up her frailty and experiences – she was on the journey as well, with a just little more knowledge than the group.”

Linda, CFO

“Its invaluable to work with someone who is so foundationally sound & dependable. Jeanette can look at a given situations through a very unique lens and with a crystal clear perspective.  This alone is a valuable skillset, but what makes her even more special is her ability to communicate this perspective to the stakeholders. I recommend working with Jeanette Bicknell without reservation…. She is a true mediation professional.”

David, Financial Advisor