Effective facilitation allows you to make the most of every meeting and get the best from your team.

A strong facilitator establishes a climate of trust and collaboration and knows how to encourage active participation and respectful debate. The result is greater engagement and better, more creative ideas.

A well-facilitated meeting provides a structure for open sharing of information and ideas. A participatory decision-making process means that all team members have a stake in outcomes.


Why Work with an Outside Facilitator?

Working with a neutral, outside facilitator ensures an effective meeting.

  • Leaders can participate more effectively and contribute to discussion when someone else manages the process.
  • Team members may be too involved with the issues to direct the meeting effectively.
  • Professional guidance helps you find the best processes to achieve your goals
  • A facilitator who is experienced with conflict can help parties work through their differences, even when emotions are high

No two teams are alike. Let us custom-design a process to get the best out of your group.

Let us Assist You With:

Planning meetings
Staff or Committee meetings
Board meetings (condominium, non-profit, business)
Post-mortem sessions and review meetings
Problem solving and brainstorming sessions
Public consultation – community meetings