Is Your Conflict Hot ….. or Smoldering?

Your conflict is probably hot if two or more of the following are true:

  • It keeps you up at night on a regular basis
  • You communicate only when absolutely necessary
  • You communicate by text or email and rarely face-to-face
  • The thought of facing the same problems for another day makes you want to stay in bed
  • Your friends have advised you to seek help
  • Thoughts of the conflict intrude when you should be having fun
  • The stress threatens to damage relations with family and friends

If you’re in a hot conflict, you need someone to help you put out the fire right away. You need a way to cool things down quickly and extinguish the flames so you can start to think about the long-term.

Set up a time to speak with me. You’ll get peace of mind starting with our first conversation. We’ll work together to stop the damage and move towards stability. With the temperature down, you’ll be able to think clearly and make better decisions.

Your conflict is likely to be smoldering if two or more of the following are true:

  • It occasionally keeps you up at night
  • Communication is ongoing, but strained
  • A few topics are simply off-limits
  • The thought of facing the same problems another day makes you feel discouraged
  • You suspect your friends are tired of hearing about the issues
  • Thoughts of the conflict distract you from work
  • You suspect the stress is effecting relations with family and friends

If your conflict is smoldering, you need to prevent it from getting hotter.

I can help you. The right intervention will restore relationships, improve communication, and reduce your stress. Without the distraction of a smoldering conflict, you’ll have the energy to focus on the things that really matter.

I can help, whether your conflict is hot or smoldering.

Call me at 416-654-6248 or use the contact form to set up a no-charge, no-obligation 30-minute telephone consultation. All discussions are confidential.